Lake County Board and the Challenge to Be Heard


There is not a consistent application of the rules regarding who is allowed to speak during public comments and about what. In a clear departure from the board's stated policy, a speaker spoke for the full three minutes in regard to political campaigns. Quite different was how the Parliamentarian and Chairwoman dealt with Quenton, who was not allowed to speak, even though he was not going to discuss politics or campaigns.

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Speaking About Child Predators in the Courts Before the County Board : 1-20-2009
Denise addresses the County Board in regard to her experience and changes needed in terms of victims' rights. The statements by board leadership also shows the need for consistency.


Once again, Chairwoman Suzi Schmidt did not allow speakers during public comment whose views conflicted with those who share the courthouse. Access to public comment should be applied equally and not be controlled according to politicial directives.

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Lake County Board 5-12-2009
At the May County Board meeting, commissioners witnessed the parliamentarian control access to speech and behave politically with whom he decided could speak.

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