A Crusade for Justice

Court Transcript - 2/18/2003 - 5mb pdf
ARCD Complaint Regarding Asst. Laura Horner, 3/5/2003
Initial Response from Althea K Welsh, Senior Counsel of the ARDC, 3/17/2003
Response to ARDC from Asst. SAO Laura Horner, 3/28/2003
Response to ARDC from Denise, 4/10/2003
ARDC Closing Investigation from Myrra Guzman, 5/2/2003
Letter from State Rep. Churchill, 10/14/2003
HB3896 - Status and Synopsis
Letter from Denise to Gov. Blagojevich, 8/13/2004
Letter to Laura Notson, Children's Advocacy Center, 8/30/2005
Letter to Mike Waller, Lake County State's Attorney, 10/6/2005
HB4124 - Full Text
Letter to Jean, Asst. to Representative Churchill, 11/9/2005
Victims' Rights - News-Sun 2/14/2008
Cries of the Vanquished - News-Sun 2/15/2008
Lake County victim pushes for tougher laws - Daily Herald 1/10/2010
Jasmine's Story

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