God's Justice for Becca

God's Justice for Becca

By Cherry Simpson

March 29, 2010

It was in April of 2008 that I first became aware of a little girl by the name of Rebecca Lynn McEvoy. I did not know her in life but came to know her through her incredible big loving family. One Saturday morning an old woman came to my door, she was carrying the obituary of her granddaughter. She told me the little girl's name was Becca and she had been the victim of sexual abuse by her stepfather Bob L. Ingle (a police officer.) She said little Becca had been so brave to come forward told about the abuse, testified to a Grand Jury twice but then tragically lost her life in a car crash that January.

Becca's death had stalled the rape case but it was also what motivated the family into action. Becca’s Death would not be in vain. Her family would not be denied justice. Becca’ father Aden McEvoy, a police officer, had always wanted Becca to be free from all that she had gone through and to see that no other children would ever suffer at Ingle's hands ever again.

Becca's family held prayer vigils, made a website, DVD's, T-shirts, petitions and protested on the courthouse steps. When delay after delay in Becca’s case made them question whether there would ever be justice for Becca? There was much local TV' newspaper and Internet coverage, which produced information on two additional alleged rape victims of Ingle's. They also came forward and spoke to the investigators.

The defense tried every trick in the book to get this case dismissed. There were delays, gag orders and appeals made to the Alabama Supreme Court. Robin Sax describes it best in her blog post entitled, "Why Does a Child Molester Get to Benefit from the System He Disgraced?"

There was even a scandal, not related to the case, where the DA abruptly resigned. Which meant they had to begin all over again with a new Assistant District. Many wondered if this family would ever have peace or know justice? Yet they stayed strong and they never gave up hope. You see their faith was in God not in the justice system.

Finally after being delayed at least six times over the past three years the rape trial date came.

Becca's little girlfriend (whom she had confided in) testified along with her big sister Nina. Nina said Becca, at age 10, had a secret to tell her, but she didn’t want to say a bad word. So she wrote on a piece of paper the word "SEX". What a terrible burden for such a little child. What a horrible trauma she had endured.

The Dr who examined Becca testified about sexual abrasions and produced medical documents. The Dr had asked Becca to write down who had done this to her. In her school girl handwriting Becca wrote "Bob L. Ingle." The DA projected this slip of paper onto the wall, Becca McEvoy knew her molester, he was her stepfather, he was a police officer and the name on his badge read "Bob L. Ingle."

I wonder if he might have worn that badge when he molested her. I wonder how many other children did this monster harm? It took the jury just 90 minutes to find him guilty. Thank you God", said Becca's sister Nina Tucker.

Bob Ingle had not spent one day in jail since his arrest. The family was told they were not to show any emotion inside of the courtroom or there would be consequences. The guilty verdict meant he could now spend the rest of his life in prison. Susan Murphy-Milano writes on the verdict in her post entitled “Justice Prevailed.”

Imagine their surprise when they heard Bob Ingle wasn't going to jail to await his sentencing! Rebecca's family wanted Ingle behind bars. The judge instead decided to allow him to stay out of jail on bond with conditions. Ingle's sentencing was set for Februrary 25th, almost one month away.

It was earlier rumored Ingle would appeal. He had remained emotionless during the trial possessing an almost superior attitude. Did he think he was going to get away with it?

The day of Ingle's sentencing came with a bang; Ingle chose death over prison. He was found at home with two handguns at his side around 2:30pm. I remember when I heard the news “Rebecca’s Rapist Kills Himself”.

I suspect this was God’s justice for Becca. Ingle's criminal rights had always trumped Becca’s victim’s rights. Or so it seemed, until the afternoon of Feb 25th.

Becca's family said, "Now Becca has eternal justice." A weight had been lifted off their shoulders. No more court dates, no more appeals, no more reliving the horror of what little Becca had endured. Becca’s Momma (Reesa Taylor) breathed a sigh of relief, she had been afraid of Ingle. Now her little girl was safe and her family could begin to heal.

In the end I can't help but think of Becca, in heaven, looking down on her big beloved family. She was a hero, so small yet so brave. God’s justice is better than man’s justice. It was what she had wanted most, no other children to be molested.

Becca McEvoy, a beautiful sweet little girl. She loved Butterflies, her Family and Jesus.

source: timesupblog.blogspot.com