Letter from AG Office

Letter from AG Office

From: Ruebbelke, Erin
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 9:54 AM
To: Saltmarsh, Kathryn; Gulkewicz, Corey Anne; Patton, Lynn E.
Subject: Constituent Denise Rotheimer

Hello Ladies,

I just received a phone call from Ms. Denise Rotheimer who is requesting the Attorney General's opinion regarding Sec. 8.1 of the Crime Victims Rights Act versus Sec. 12. She wants to know the AG's opinion regarding this act and if the AG feels the sections are contradicting themselves. In 2003 her daughter was raped and she feels that her daughter was "wronged" by the ASA in Lake Co. Ms. Rotheimer feels that Laura Horner, ASA deceived the judge, committed perjury, and slandered her daughter.

Ms. Rotheimer has spoken with Kathy Saltmarsh as well as our Opinions Bureau. I informed her that our office acted as the chief legal counsel for the state of IL and that our office did not have jurisdiction over SA because they are elected officials. I suggested she contact private legal counsel and she informed me that she has tried but to no avail. I also suggested she contact the ARDC to file a complaint against the ASA, and she informed me that she has been down that route. I even suggested she contact her local legislator and propose new legislation for crime victims; she has contacted Sen. Peterson. Senator Peterson told her that the Attorney General would not support her ideas for legislation "protecting crime victims and holding attorneys accountable for wrong-doings".

Ms. Rotheimer did not file a crime victims compensation request with our office; she informed that she "did not need monetary compensation what she needs is justice for her daughter."

She wants the AG to issue a statement and I told her I would pass her message along. Can some one respond to Ms. Rotheimer?.

Thank you,
Erin Ruebbelke
Public Affairs Officer
Constituent Service Bureau
Office of the Illinois Attorney General