Understanding the Laws

Children's Bill of Rights

The Children's Bill of Rights is to ensure the fair and compassionate treatment of children involved in the criminal justice system by affording certain basic rights and considerations to these children. It should be considered and observed by our courts at all times.

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IL Domestic Violence Act

Recognize domestic violence as a serious crime against the individual and society.

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Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act

This act is designed to protect the dignity and rights afforded by the Illinois Constitution as specified in Article I, Section 8.1. Unfortunately, there is no enforceability of this act or its provisions.

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The Forfeiture Laws

Assets from child pornographers should be seized. However, all of the proceeds should go directly to the victims, not fatten government agency coffers.

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Related Public Acts and Bills

There are a number of pieces of legislation related to violent offenders and the criminal justice process.

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New for 2010 - going into effect January 1st

SB1590 - Children can "visit" a noncustodial parent by electronic means, including phone, Internet and video conferencing.
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HB3991 - A person who's the subject of an order of protection must have their Firearm Owner ID card denied or revoked.
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HB1314 - Convicted sex offenders are barred from social networking Web sites while on parole, probation or supervision.
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The Married Families Domestic Violence Fund

The Married Families Domestic Violence Fund provides funding for legal advocacy, legal assistance, and legal services to married and formerly married victims of domestic violence. This fund is awarded from a portion of marriage license fees collected after June 1, 2008. Any public or private not-for-profit agency that provides services to victims of domestic violence may apply to the Illinois Attorney General for funding from the Married Families Domestic Violence Fund.
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